Cherry Picker
cherry picker

Dalemarsh have recently invested in a Teupen 15GT Spider Lift Narrow Access Self Drive Machine

Features include:

  • Narrow width of just 780mm, for single doorway or side gate access for excellent accessibility
  • Non-marking tracks are standard equipment suitable for internal use
  • Platform height 12.90 metres with a working height of 14.90 metres
  • With the tracked chassis the machine could drive and operate on soft, slippery and rough terrain


  • Gutter clearance on a one off or contractual basis
  • Roof investigation and repair work
  • External redecorations
  • General building maintenance
  • Street light maintenance
  • Tree surgery work
  • Bird prevention products and maintenance

We can carry out work with this machine from as little as £150.00 per day plus labour costs.

For any enquiries and exact costs, please do not hesitate to contact us

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