Working at Height

The introduction of the Work at height regulations 2005 has changed the way in which contractors like Dalemarsh Limited are expected to carry out some of their tasks.

In 2005/06 falls from height accounted for 46 fatal accidents at work and 3350 major injuries. They remain the single biggest cause of workplace deaths and one of the causes for major injury.

Statistics like the one above are a shocking reminder of the many dangers faced by contractors within the building trade.

Health and safety has emerged as a major responsibility for Dalemarsh Limited and it's employees.

The Health and Safety Executive has set out the Regulations Hierarchy which states duty holders must avoid working at height when they can, or use work equipment or other measures to prevent falls where they cannot avoid working at height.

With the Hierarchy in mind contractors like Dalemarsh Limited should provide their employer with a risk assessment outlining the need to use suitable equipment such as Mobile Working Platforms and Safety Harnesses.

Therefore Dalemarsh Limited own and use a Mobile Working Platform ( cherry picker ) and safety harnesses where necessary when working at height to minimize the risks to it's employees and members of the public.

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